Wire rope net pocket


Product Details

Steel wire rope buckle net pocket, steel wire rope woven net pocket, steel wire rope net pocket - stainless steel rope net, mainly used for box and bag cutting and anti-theft, bridge and vessel droplight, high-altitude fall-proof device protection, loading heavy objects, etc. Its high strength flexibility and tensile resistance can provide full protection for loaded objects.

The stainless steel mesh bag is used for the cutting protection net of the case and bag, which is usually located inside the bag, which not only does not affect the appearance but also strengthens the safety protection performance of the bag. The wire rope woven mesh bag is made of 304 stainless steel wire rope. When the bag is dirty, it can be cleaned at will. The soft stainless steel rope mesh bag will not have any trouble. It can be dried and the inner wire rope mesh bag will not rust. The stainless steel rope net pocket is a woven environmental protection net, which is characterized by high tensile resistance, flexibility, softness, permeability, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, wind load resistance, beauty and long service life, and has good protective performance.

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