view: 2023-03-14

Recently, a student fell from the stairs and was injured during class, which caused widespread concern and vigilance. School safety has become the focus of social attention. In order to improve the level of school safety management and prevent similar incidents from happening again, the school has taken a series of effective measures.

First of all, the school conducted a large-scale safety emergency drill for the teaching staff, strengthening their safety awareness and emergency response ability. At the same time, the school also popularized safety knowledge to students, and taught students to pay attention to campus safety, abide by school rules and disciplines, and consciously maintain campus order.

Secondly, the school will conduct a comprehensive inspection of campus facilities, especially the parts closely related to student safety, such as stairs, corridors, classrooms and other places. The problems found shall be dealt with immediately to ensure the safety of students.

In addition, the school will also increase investment in safety monitoring facilities, install high-definition cameras, alarms and other equipment, so as to find and deal with potential safety hazards in a timely manner. At the same time, the school will also be equipped with more professional security personnel to provide all-weather security services.

In short, the school will continue to strengthen safety management to ensure the safety of life and property of teachers and students. I believe that with the joint efforts of all teachers and students in the school, the safety work of the school will achieve better results, so that every teacher and student can study and work at ease.